Annual Ticket


Treat yourself to an annual ticket for your Munich ferris wheel Umadum and come for a ride whenever it suits you. Regardless of whether you just want to enjoy the different moods on your own, at different times of day, weather conditions or the 4 seasons, or want to show and explain the city to your friends, family and visitors from above – the annual ticket is just right for us without prior notice, spontaneously during our To come by opening times and enjoy the ride and the view. The annual pass is also the perfect gift for all occasions and age groups. Lovers, Munich fans and amateur photographers are particularly enthusiastic about it. The right thing for you?

Notes: The annual pass is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and can be redeemed for a standard trip in the Umadum Ferris wheel during regular operating hours during this time. The annual ticket is personal and non-transferable. The annual pass is only valid with a registered name and signature. The annual pass must be presented at the cash desk with an official photo ID on request. After purchasing your online ticket, your ticket will be exchanged for an annual ticket on the day of your first visit to Umadum and is valid for 1 year from this point in time. Please fill out our form to record the cardholder on this day at the checkout.